Environment therapist? What is it and what does it have to do with the quality of life?


Many people think that the quality of life depends only on physical exercises, healthy food or even on fancy dinners and traveling. However, it´s much more than this.


Have you ever noticed that many people (or even you) have all of this but still feel that something is missing? That is the question.


And we shouldn’t forget one very important thing which is your home. Your setup, surroundings, furniture, location, your energy. We shouldn’t underestimate the very simple and basic things such as the impact of your own home on you.


Environmental therapy is the mixture of ancient western and eastern knowledge aimed at healing and harmonizing the environment we live in. It aims, with the help of architecture and interior design studies, to understand desires of places, have a receptive sensitiveness of a design, capturing the sentiments and needs of places.


And this is the job of an environment therapist. To harmonize the place you live in. To transform your home into a place which brings you good energies, peace and better quality of life..

Terapeuta de Ambientes - Radiestesia

Let´s demystify the word Radiesthesia. First of all, let´s give a definition to the word mysticism!! It is a tendency to believe in supernatural entities or forces. It´s a belief that one can communicate with a spiritual entity...

Terapeuta de Ambientes Geobiologia

Geobiology is a field of scientific research which studies the relations between physical Earth and biosphere. It’s a relatively new field of knowledge and its frame isn’t well determined. There is a significant overlap between ecology...


Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that promotes healing. It is transmitted through the "imposition of the hands" and is based on the idea that an invisible "vital energy" flows through us.


Environmental therapy is a big and diverse field of the alternative medicine. The point is that the big part of the modern world diseases and illnesses come from the environmental toxins. The methods used by an environment therapist include body detoxification and environment cleanup.


A lot of people nowadays have health problems related to their home environment. The environment therapist identify all of these problems and their cause and do the necessary changes on the environment for people to get better. Things like chronic allergies, chronic fatigue, asthma, fibromyalgia and many others can be caused by these environmental factors, and not by what many people think (caused by a genetic factor, virus, bacteria, etc.)


A main goal of the environment therapist is to take care of these different factors, and detoxification. Every environment therapist has his own methods of detoxification, some of them scientifically approved more then others.



From the very beginning we were dreaming of our own house where we can feel safe and healthy, in other words, our home, our safe haven.


Sometimes we think that everything is good, there is nothing wrong at home. You have all the good materials you need or want. Everything is in a good state and everything looks fine. However, we only notice that something is wrong at home when we leave it and spend sometime in other places and we start to feel much better, we are much happier, relaxed and light-headed.


After some years we come to realize that our safe haven was built in a place with harmful energies arising from the earth and which bring us a lot of problems which could have been avoided by a cautious diagnosis of an environment therapist, geobiologist or radiesthesist before building a house. Because under our houses and apartments there are some geological faults, groundwater, landfills, old cemeteries, sacrificial altars and other harmful energies.


The worst of all energies which harm our health the most are those of watercourses, groundwater, rivers called Green Electric Energy. These energies cannot be removed but they can be blocked and neutralized via radionic devices.


When we talk about radiesthesia and geobiology, we always ask ourselves: “Is this true?” Or those more narrow-minded: “This can’t be true.” The fact is that, based on many cases happened lately, this is a fact, something undeniable.


The health of your home is very important. It can help you in every aspect of your life. It affects your physical and mental state and consequently your personal and professional life. That’s why it’s important for you to deal with it with the help of an environment therapist. Contact us for us to help you improving the place you live in and providing more health and quality of life for you and your family.


So, if you have constant headaches, insomnia and other health problems, it’s time for your home to be evaluated be an Environment Therapist. Contact us!