Geobiology and Geoacupuncture

Geobiology and Geoacupuncture

Today we’ll talk about Geobiology and Geoacupuncture

Before we start talking about our topic, I’d like to make an important warning for those who live far away from the city of São Paulo, further than 70 km in the direction of the countryside of the State of São Paulo, as well as from the State of Goiás to Argentina. There is a second largest aquifer in the world and the energy arising from it is a very harmful energy which affects our homes, animals, plants and our health, in other words: It’s a huge tectonic fracture.

What can be done in this case?
Ask for a dowsing analysis of a place of living or working.

First, let’s give a definition to Geobiology. It is a study of the life of Earth.
Why this study is necessary?

This study is made with a pendulum and practice of dowsing (radiesthesia).

Geobiology is a field of scientific research which studies connections between the physical Earth and the biosphere.

There is a significant overlap of the fields of ecology, evolutionary biology, microbiology, paleontology and particularly bio-geochemistry, so this is a science!

There is a significant overlap of the fields of ecology, evolutionary biology, microbiology, paleontology and particularly bio-geochemistry, so this is a science!

There are a lot of factors which affect us on a daily basis, e.g.:
pollution in general, ultraviolet rays, low air humidity level. There are many other factors which affect us every day and which we notice only after a long period of time. Some sensations like headache, sickness, dizziness, tachycardia, body weakness, insomnia and others are the signals which our body feels when something is wrong.

These feelings, as well as many diseases, can derive from many factors, like: Hartmann lines, water tables, watercourses, energies of cemeteries, stagnant air, wall memories, red energies, power transformers by the house door, power lines, radio, TV or phone towers, radiography and
magnetic resonance equipment, tomography next to our homes, and all the equipment with electronic circuit, landfills, old cemeteries, former sacrificial altars are extremely polluted with the negative energies. These energies can be in buildings, houses, lands and can affect or change a life of a man, animals and plants living there.

Other factors which can influence our health and which shouldn’t be disregarded: Air conditioners, humidifiers filled with germ, bacteria and fungi, carcinogenic insulators, highly toxic chemical substances utilized in building materials, painting or cleaning products, bad light, etc.

We should also pay attention to decoration and furniture because it conceals the side effects of the particles released from some materials, of the high rates of formaldehyde detected in the houses with gathered materials, of electrostatic charges of some synthetic materials and fibers, of residues and toxic gases in some paints, for example. We should analyze everything that influences our everyday life. Otherwise, as a consequence, we can have some diseases which initially can be attributed to stress, climate or other life conditions, and which can bother us for years and then can become chronic, like: rheumatism, asthma, bronchitis, lower abdomen diseases, ulcers, kidney infections, hypertension, arrhythmia, infarction and other malignant diseases.

Is there a way to eliminate all of these energies?

Sure, there is a way! And that’s why Geoacupuncture exists.

For some energies we use radionic plates which are put in the places with any type of a harmful energy which will be blocked or eliminated, but they should be clean.

For other harmful energies we use Geoacupuncture.
What is Geoacupuncture?

It works exactly like traditional acupuncture which spots the body points needed to be worked out by a specialist who uses the needles or other materials to bring back an energy balance of the people. The same way, in the 5 block radius of a terrain, house, company, the same procedure can be performed spotting a geopathogenic point and putting an implant of needle or another material in it and restoring the energy balance of the affected point and region.

I hope you understood how it works.

hugs to all and see you next time.