What´s dowsing, science or mysticism?

What´s dowsing, science or mysticism?

Let´s demystify the word Radiesthesia.

First of all, let´s give a definition to the word mysticism!!

It is a tendency to believe in supernatural entities or forces.

It´s a belief that one can communicate with a spiritual entity or get a message from it.

What is radiesthesia? The word consists of two roots:

RADIUS which means radiation, ray, and AISTHESISwhich comes from the Greek and means sensitiveness to capture. So the word really means the definition which is TO BE SENSIBLE TO CAPTURE DIFFERENT ENERGY FREQUENCIES.

So, does anyone can capture these energies?

Yes, when having enough training and experience to prevent interfering it. In other words, am I doing it right? Isn’t my subconscience interfering?

Does anyone can be a radiesthesist? Yes, since one tries to be absolutely correct in his/her measurements, has accreditation in any class association, knows well not only all the methods of measurement and which energies are more harmful than the others, but also the best ways to annul, block or eliminate harmful energies.
Just to make it clear, radiesthesist doesn’t cure, he/she evaluates.

Dowsing is a science that was used for 10.000 years by Mayas and later on for 5.000 years by Egyptians, nowadays it is used in different fields and places, mainly in well-being of a family, plants, pets and animals, at home and at work.

Work? How is that? Have you ever noticed that some small shops that sell the same stuff and are located on the same street do well and others don´t do so well? So? These are the harmful energies arising from the earth that hinder a lot any business activity!!

Dowsing can also be used in medicine, digging, water wells, geobiology, astrology. Also it was widely used during the First World War in search of the buried mines and digging shelter trenches.
When we talk about dowsing we should have predetermined working procedures in order to be absolutely sure of the final results. Otherwise, our work can be harmful to a place, people and pets inhabiting it.

Therefore, which energies interfere negatively in my life, my home and my work?

If we ask ourselves this question, we will be surprised by the number of factors which can affect us, our home and our work on a daily basis.

There are a lot of factors which affect us on a daily basis, e.g.:

  • pollution in general
  • ultraviolet rays
  • low air humidity level

There are many other factors which affect us every day and which we notice only after a long period of time.
Some sensations like headache, sickness, dizziness, tachycardia and others are the signals which our body feels when something is wrong.
Some questions should be answered, like: Do I sleep well? Do I fell well at home or at work? Is there any connection between the place I live in, the presence of the energies of water tables or watercourses, of power grid, of utilized construction material or the house positioning and my physical and mental balance?

One problem that worries us today is the Syndrome of the sick houses/buildings or the buildings that make people sick. Air conditioners, humidifiers filled with germ, bacteria and fungi, carcinogenic insulators, highly toxic chemical substances utilized in building materials, painting or cleaning products, bad light, etc.

We should also take into account the way we deal with the extremely high or low temperature changes. Nowadays extreme cold or heat are dealt in a very effective way with the new systems of thermal insulation and double panes, along with both cold and hot air conditioner system.
So, this leads to a number of unexpected side effects, like poor interior air ventilation, and therefore accumulation of toxic particles, dreaded radon gas, even in decay, produces alarming increase in cases of lung diseases when absorbed. We should also pay attention to decoration and furniture because it conceals the side effects of the particles released from some materials, of the high rates of formaldehyde detected in the houses with gathered materials, of electrostatic charges of some synthetic materials and fibers, of residues and toxic gases in some paints.

We shouldn’t also forget about the electric-electronic contamination which occurs in home installations, and lately is taken more into account at the modern buildings, called electromagnetic fields which influence our endocrine and hormone systems.
We should analyze everything that influences our everyday life. Otherwise, as a consequence we can have some diseases which initially can be attributed to stress, climate or other life conditions, and which can bother us for years and then can become chronic, like:

rheumatism, asthma, bronchitis, lower abdomen diseases, ulcers, kidney infections, hypertension, arrhythmia, infarction and other malignant diseases.

Maybe the time has come to pay attention to harmful waves which are not taken into account in clinical diagnosis because we don’t know about them. These waves influence our health, psychosomatic balance and our happiness.

Besides the main energies mentioned above, like Hartmann lines, water tables, watercourses, old cemeteries, stagnant air, wall memories and red energies, there are other harmful waves.

These harmful waves result from different factors. For example:

  • • Anomalies of subsoil, earth currents or other causes transmitted by carrier waves also spread in the subsoil. They influence the vibration rhythm of our cells which gives the origin of the harmful vibration imbalance to our health.
  • Strong subsoil radiations can unbalance us physically and mentally.
  • Electricity, power lines surrounding our home, transformer or electrical installation poorly executed can cause serious problems in our nervous and immune systems resulting in the state of nervousness, irritability, headache, etc.
  • Sanitary landfill which emits methane gas, energies from the object forms at home (e.g. statuettes, frowns), stagnant air in the hermetically sealed places, decaying materials.
  • • Electromagnetic energies, power lines, open sockets, faulty ground cord, radiography, tomography and magnetic resonance equipment next to our homes, all the equipment with electronic circuit, phone towers and aerials of electric/phone re-transmission.

Can dowsing be applied remotely? Yes, sure. From any place in Brazil or abroad! All you need to do is to send us an email with the location of your residence or company via Google Earth, or other app, and 4 or 5 blocks surrounding your place, and all the harmful energies which influence negatively the place will be evaluated and, if necessary, treated.

The evaluations in Sao Paulo are done in person.

Once analyzing everything that surrounds us, we can understand what happens in our everyday life and make some changes to improve our well-being. And this can be provided only by an environment therapist because for every harmful energy found there is a different solution.

Important notice. Our genetics comes from our ancestors and can be assimilated by us bringing certain anomalies and strange symptoms to our everyday life. In this case it should be dealt by specific specialist in this area, known as: Systemic Constellation. Dowsing doesn’t cure!!! It only evaluates!!!

Thank you and see you next time!!!