Today and in our next posts we will discuss a little bit of Reiki and about Master Mikao Usui, the founder of this method.
But, before we start, let me thank my masters who taught me a lot and made it possible for me to be a Reiki Master to help people who need treatment and divine cosmic energy boost. I want to thank Ursula Pondorf, Gunther, Rosi, Mario Borger, who unfortunately have already passed away to other dimensions but left a huge legacy having brought it to Brazil. Reiki of Mikao Usui of RAI (Reiki Association International) from which I have graduated and which is widely spread, practiced and taught in different schools all over the world.

Mikao Usui

Can anyone apply Reiki?

Yes, since he or she is qualified by initiation teacher.

How can I be qualified?

Look for a reliable place with a teacher who is qualified and capable of passing on the knowledge.

Can anyone teach Reiki? No, a person should have completed Reiki I, II, and should be a master and teacher and should have practiced every course at least for two years, every stage.

Can a course be completed online?

Never, because every beginner must necessarily and personally receive initiation from the teacher, and then he/she can practice. If the course is offered online, you can be sure it’s a fraud.


There are two ways to power anyone. First one is without initiation and with one’s own energies, but one will be completely open to harmful energies and will be worn down after powering just one person. Another way is with divine cosmic energies which are acquired with the initiation and a person who is to receive it, will feel very well as well as you. When practicing Reiki, first of all you should evoke healing cosmic energies. After this you will be able to power as many people as you want.

Can I apply Reiki without initiation?

Yes, you can but you will be fully responsible in front of astral. Moreover, your energy will be drained and you will suffer a lot and you can suffer from negative charges.

What’s Sushumna channel?

It’s an internal channel where the Reiki energy, which is received on the top of the head during the initiation, circulates. During each initiation it increases in size.

How much time does it take to turn master of Reiki?

Well, first of all you need to finish Reiki I, learn how to use what has been taught at least one year. It’s recommended to take again Reiki I to check if the way of applying Reiki is correct.

After this, you do Reiki II and learn how to use different symbols which are taught and make the second initiation. You should practice it for at least two years on people, pets and redo
Reiki II two times to check if what you do is correct.

If you want to improve your skills, after two years of service, it’s recommended to do Reike Master which will give you more opportunities to help those in need. And you’ll learn to use other powerful symbols.

What are the virtues of those symbols?

1 - You strengthen your divine cosmic energies in your patient which is great for him and for you.
2 - Another advantage is that you can send Reiki energy to those in need in any place of the world.

Does Reiki heal?
NO! But when applied to sick people, the symptoms weaken and it helps them to get better faster.

Can Reiki be applied to the environment?

Yes, it can, because you apply divine energies and that’s always good.

Can one charge for Reiki Application?
One not only can but must charge for it because there should be an exchange between an applicator and a patient. A person who cannot pay may, and should, be treated and should repay to applicator with something useful, even
if it’s just a flower.

Well, my friend, that’s all for today. Until next time when we talk about the essence of Reiki.

Hugs to all